Woobi Pop Face Mask

  • $40.00

Designed for children with a playful, educational approach that transforms a professional grade mask to fit into a child’s world. The highest quality filter performance in a mass production pollution mask. The Woobi Pop is certified to block over 95% of harmful air particles.

The Woobi Pop is made for children age 6 and up. 

The mask filters the following particles:

  • PM 0.3-10, dust and other air pollutants
  • Pollen and other allergens
  • Wildfire smoke & pollution
Mask Package Includes
  • 1 Woobi Pop Mask w/ orange & green caps
  • 1 Woobi Pop Silicone Strap
  • 1 Micro-HEPA Air Filter
Purchase options
  • Mask (1 filter installed) + 4 extra filters - Most Popular
  • Mask + 12 extra filters (3 boxes)
  • Mask only
Pop accessory pack (not included)
  • 2 Extra Sets of Color Caps (White/white & Blue/purple
  • 1 Sticker sheet

Note - this product is not intended for medical use


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