Replacement Filters


4 Pack of Replacement Filters

Innovative micro HEPA filters, self seal when installed into the Woobi Mask. Replacement filters are one size, and interchangeable for all Woobi masks. The folded filter material achieves a similar filter surface area to a normal disposable surgical mask. Tested and certified to block over 95% of harmful particles. The Woobi Masks obtain the highest level of performance for any consumer pollution mask in mass production.

Woobi Masks filters particles such as:

  • PM 0.3-10, dust and other air pollutants

  • Pollen and other allergens

  • Respiratory droplets that may transmit disease

  • Wildfire smoke & cigarettes

Note - this product is not intended for medical use


By creating a tight circle of folded filter material, the Woobi Air Filter has a similar surface area to a full sized medical mask, but with a small size to keeps things light and compact.

Woobi masks have been independently tested and achieved certifications.



Filtration Efficiency


micrometer particles

Filter Air Module

The Woobi Air Filter isolates captured contaminants within the filter pod, so you only breathe in clean air. The innovative pod design automatically seals the filter in place on assembly. As with the rest of the mask, no tools required.

Filter Usage Duration

The amount of DAYS recommended before having to change the filter based on the AQI (air quality index)

Sustainable Manufacturing

Air filtration materials development in collaberation with RMIT.

Woobi Mask KN95

Woobi Pop

Designed for children with a playful, educational approach that transforms a professional grade mask to fit into a child’s world. The highest quality filter performance in a mass production pollution mask.


Woobi Plus

Designed to be the most sustainable, durable, and best performing pollution mask for the general public. The award winning design solves many of the issues which occur with common face masks.