Woobi Pop Face Mask

Starting at $40.00

Designed for children with a playful, educational approach that transforms a professional grade mask to fit into a child’s world.

Woobi Mask
Body Material
Food-grade Silicone, PP
Air-shield Filter
120 x 90 x 65mm /
4.72 x 3.54 x 2.6inch
FitProduct Weight
Ages 6 and up

Unique New Strap Design

Simply pull and secure the strap for a great fit. Using a new tactile material, a new and unique strap for the mask was developed. The length is easily adjustable, providing a secure fit.

Woobi Plus

Designed to be the most sustainable, durable, and best performing pollution mask for the general public. The award winning design solves many of the issues which occur with common face masks.


Replacement Filters

4 Pack of Replacement Filters.

Innovative micro HEPA filters, self seal when installed into the Woobi Mask.