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Making a social impact through innovation

AIRMOTION Laboratories is a social innovation company that creates respiratory products and services with the least impact to the environment so that more people can live and breathe better.

Colorful children's respirators make breathing poisoned air fun

The WOOBI is a sad sign of the times. It's a toy-like respirator system designed for the 300 million children living in severe air pollution.


Our planet is facing some serious challenges these days. 92% of the world's population are living with bad air quality. In 2016, UNICEF reported that 300 million children live in areas with the most toxic recorded levels of outdoor air pollution.

WOOBI air pollution mask meets kids at eye-level with a playful approach

Danish industrial design studio kilo designs an air pollution mask for children in collaboration with Singapore health-tech startup Airmotion. The ‘WOOBI play’ mask is designed to meet children at eye-level with a playful, educational approach.

From kites to cars: tackling air pollution with design

Globally, more than 300 million children live in areas where the outdoor air pollution is six or more times higher than the recommended international guidelines. China is one of the worst areas, where many children grow up with asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Sign Of The Times: A Super, Happy, Fun Pollution Mask For Kids

According to UNICEF, nearly 300 million children live in places with toxic air pollution. And because children’s bodies are still in development, pollution can result in permanent lung damage.

"Woobi Play", a mask for learning about air pollution with children

The number of children living in areas where air pollution is high is 2 billion worldwide. To protect children exposed to invisible poison, the Danish design studio has created a modular mask for children, Woobi Play.

Woobi Play air-pollution mask is designed to appeal to children

Danish studio Kilo Design has created a mask to protect and educate children living in areas with very high levels of air pollution.

Breath Easy

Paris – Airmotion Laboratories has joined forces with Kilo to create an anti-pollution mask for children.

In 2016, UNICEF reported that 300m children live in areas with the most toxic recorded levels of outdoor air pollution.