Woobi Plus passes N95 Fit Test

We can tell you that the Woobi Mask is the highest performing consumer face mask in mass production. But, it's something altogether to show you the test results. We took the Woobi Plus down to Enviro SafeTech in San Jose to run the mask through the standard Fit Test, with the Portacount Fit Test machine.

What is a Fit test?

For a mask to perform well, the filter material needs to filter out a high percentage of the particles floating around in the air. For a mask to perform well on the face, it needs to create a good seal. A high-quality filter with a bad seal won't ensure the wearer stays safe. Harmful particles can flow through the gaps and around the mask. Many mask companies will show the filtration percentage of the filter material by itself. It's important that when evaluating the product's performance, you test the whole mask, not just one part.

For the (Quantitative) Fit Test, the mask needs to filter at least 95% of airborne particles and must create and maintain a seal during several "exercises" like talking, turning your head side to side, looking up and down, and bending over. Small particles are dispersed in the room. You can see two hoses, one testing the number of particles in the mask, and the other tube, cut shorter, measuring the ambient particles in the room. For reference, the tester here is 5'11", 175 lbs, and wears an XL baseball cap. The Woobi Plus mask passed all exercises.

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